Marketing is about making a connection

It’s about reaching the right audience and getting to know them as they get to know you. It’s about building relationships and nourishing them as they grow. It’s about real people, with real needs.

Our team knows the value of authentic relationships—the relationships between Green Gate and our clients, and those between our clients and theirs. Our business is built on these relationships, and we believe that any successful marketing strategy should be too. With this as our motivation, we develop campaigns that build strong, lasting connections that make your audience feel as though they are part of the family that is your brand.


Here’s how we do it:

With a cohesive marketing strategy

A marketing strategy tells the story of your brand. Every aspect of your strategy should move this story forward while reinforcing your core values. From traditional marketing elements like ad placements to choosing the social media platforms that best suit your industry, our team will work closely with you on all aspects of your strategy to create a cohesive, well-communicated message.

Sometimes, the best strategies involve an ongoing partnership. If you’re looking for something long-term, we do that too! Learn more about our Marketing Partnerships. 

Through a holistic approach to advertising

We provide complete advertising services, including television, print, radio, web, Google AdWords, social media marketing, and media buying. Our goal is to work with you in all areas of  your campaign to not only reach the widest audience, but to make sure that we are reaching the most appropriate audience. Working closely with our clients is vital to building successful, holistic advertising campaigns because you know your base and your business better than anyone.

By using social media effectively

Social media is your opportunity to reach your audience daily. A successful social media strategy not only publishes timely information about your brand, but also develops dynamically, making real-time connections and sharing stories from around the web that reinforce your core message. To cultivate an engaging social media presence, we rely on personal relationships with our clients so that we can share your stories as if they were our own. We also provide blogging, photography, and graphic design services so that your social profiles contain fresh, original content.

With engaging email marketing 

We love working on email marketing campaigns! Creating a campaign that doesn’t get overlooked in a full inbox is an exciting challenge, and it lets us flex all of our muscles: strategy, design, copywriting, social media, and even photography. A great campaign has all of these elements, and our creative team has the talent to bring them all together.

By using blogging to tell your story

Your blog is perhaps your most powerful story-telling device. It’s the piece of your marketing strategy that gives a human voice to your message. A well-written, well maintained blog draws people into your world, lets them be a part of it, and keeps them coming back. To effectively manage your blog, our creative team thrives on being personally involved with what’s going on with you—the people behind the brand—because nobody knows your world better than you.

Through strategic search engine marketing

Does great copy still sing if nobody is there to read it? We can’t answer that, but we can say that it makes the best impact when it reaches the people it was intended to. We’ve got the technical skill and the back-end knowhow to make your website, social media, and advertising get where it needs to go through SEO techniques like using link building, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and social media strategically.

With powerful copy

Our copywriters come from varied backgrounds, from advertising to fiction writing. One thing each of them understands is the value of using storytelling techniques to produce copy that is clear, concise, and meaningful. They understand the power that lies behind every word in a piece, whether it’s basic web copy, a two-line Facebook post, or an 800-word blog post.

With beautiful graphic design 

Having consistent, purposeful design across all areas of your brand is just as vital to communicating your message clearly as are the words and images that come together within that design. We can create graphics for every phase in your marketing strategy, from your first logo, to your website, to pamphlets and other documents, to your print and digital ads.

And with professional photography services

We work with some outstanding photographers to do custom shoots that are tailor made to meet the needs of each client. This means you’ll have your own images to use for your website, blog, social media, and e-newsletters, so you won’t have to rely on stock footage that may not always be exactly what you need.