Join our team

Green Gate is a full-service marketing agency with a team of business-minded creative marketing professionals. We strive to invest in our team members’ strengths, cultivate personal growth, and create a comfortable and creative team environment. We are a small business united by our shared values and vision.

Green Gate seeks talent that embraces our brand’s spirit of enthusiasm and respect. We have been very careful to create and offer a collaborative, imaginative atmosphere and are looking for an ambitious, inspired and driven individual to join our team.


We believe that good words and inspiring design lead to meaningful moments and positive action. We see what could be, creating work with a lot of care, kindness, and a dedication to our clients’ missions, values and purpose.

As a dedicated team of creators, doers, optimists, and activists, we welcome our differences, experiences, and ideas to ignite change.

Each of us brings our own expertise, but finds inspiration from others, as we encourage one another to dig deeper and go beyond.

To date, our work has strengthened brand equity, reached new and larger audiences, and garnered 39 awards from six organizations, including PRINT Magazine and the Atlanta Marketing Association.

Over the years we have partnered with organizations big and small, new and old, creating brand identities, messaging campaigns, and award-winning communications that deliver a vision for what matters – good work for good people.

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