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Photo by  Greg Becker

Photo by Greg Becker

You might have heard rumblings about the recent update to Googles search algorithm, as well as the changes to Twitter and Facebookbut what does each update do? How are they changing the way visitors interact with content? And, most importantly, what do you need to do about it?

In late April, Google updated their mobile search algorithm to give priority to mobile-optimized sites. This eventdubbed by some observers as Mobilegeddon or Mobilepocalypseis set to be followed by Bing in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Twitters recent update targeted rampant trolling of accounts by enabling stricter control over objectionable content and harassment, while the Facebook update saw changes to usersnews feeds. This is purported to result in less unwanted content interaction, and more content from friends and pages with which users interact with most frequently.



Googles new algorithm has been out for a few weeks now and resulted in some sites losing traffic due to lack of mobile-friendly design. You can test your current site with Googles mobile-friendly tool, here.  

In a larger sense, however, this update reminds usas businesses and organizationsto prioritize mobile-friendly browsing. After all, more people are using tablets and smartphones to access content than ever before. As a Pew Research Report from April asserts: 64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in the spring of 2011.

The changes to the Google search algorithm mean thatif you havent alreadyits time to update your website. Mobile optimization will ultimately make your site more inviting and just plain easier to reach for  those visitors who are browsing your content, learning more about your organization, or trying to contact you via their mobile devices. If your site passes Googles test for mobile browsing, then you have nothing to worry about .



Facebook has once again changed the way users interact with content. From now on, users will see less of what their friends like and comment on, and more content from friends and Pages with which they interact most often. This is effectively a continuation of Facebooks content strategy which they began to roll out last year, namely by limiting the amount of clickbaitthat could be shown in ones feed.

What this suggests is that Facebook is responding to the criticism of users that feeds have become cluttered with content they dont wish to see. By looking at what users interact withand, of equal importance, what they avoid interacting withFacebook has attempted to figure out for users what theyll want to see and ensure that they see as much of it as possible. For example, a users interaction with your content is now less likely to appear at the top of that users friends feed, thus decreasing the likelihood that your content will be seen by that users friend.

Facebooks update might worry those who rely on getting incidental views from friends of those who "like" your page, so you might consider spending a few dollars to "boost" your post.  (You don't need a big advertising budget to see great results on Facebook. But more on that in a future post.)  Facebook users hate feeling like theyre being spammed with unwanted or trivial content, so find a way to make your content relevant. You can fall back on familiar standbyssuch as reference to a trending topic, or a photo that will capture readersattentionbut whatever you choose, make sure it serves to connect with your audience on an emotional level.



Twitter has had a major problem with online harassment, threats of violence, and general trolling, and its only gotten worse lately. Therefore, Twitters latest update seeks to target those who perpetuate these trends by pursuing reported abuse more vigorously, locking accounts of those who violate Terms of Service, and requiring those users to delete tweets deemed to be in violation.

This is especially good news for those who have been targeted by trolls in the past, and found their old reporting system to lack teeth. Of course, the effectiveness of the new update may not be known for some time.

Twitters update, being aimed at making their space safe from abuse, means that youll receive greater support from Twitter when reporting those tweets. To learn more, check out the official Twitter blog.



The important thing to remember is that you cant take the digital landscape for granted. Before you know it, another round of updates will roll out, and the layout and interactivity that you may have grown accustomed to will be thrown off once more. However, there are always going to be a few things that you can control. Having a clear brand voice and sound content strategy will help to keep steady traffic coming your way, despite whatever happens to change the way users get there.



If you own a business, chances are someone has told you that you need to be active on social media. Maybe it was your marketing account manager, maybe it was your spouse, or maybe it was your fifteen-year-old niece. Whoever it was, they were right. You should have social media accounts, and you should use them. Often. It sounds like a no brainer, but it’s not quite as easy as it seems. Even if your teenage niece was correct that you should be using social media, it doesn’t mean it’s so easy a child could do it. Managing social media campaigns is actually pretty tricky business. There’s a lot of important analytics to take into account, and there are plenty of rules that the networks can penalize you for breaking.

We strongly believe that business owners and their employees should be actively involved in their social strategy--your input keeps your messages authentic. However, we do know it can seem like a lot to take on if you aren’t sure about what you are doing. That’s why it helps to have a digital agency show you the ropes and handle the heavy lifting, while you contribute the valuable content that only you can provide. Here’s some important information to keep in mind to optimize that partnership:

Your input is the most valuable piece of your social media marketing strategy.

Don’t get us wrong. We love managing social media accounts, and we would love to manage yours. Having an agency like Green Gate manage your social media accounts saves you time and money, and gives your messages a certain shine that comes from professional copywriting.

However, all the pro-wordsmiths in the world couldn’t run a successful social media campaign without one important thing: something to write about. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: no one knows your business like you do. You’re the one who knows the day to day happenings, and that’s the stuff that engages your followers most. By sharing on a more personal level, you create strong, lasting connections between your business and your customers. This breeds loyalty, and loyalty is the key to lifelong customers.

So how do you do this? Put your employees front and center. Show your followers the people who make your business great, even if what you’re putting out there seems mundane. Did you give an employee a special lunch to celebrate their birthday? People want to see that. It may be an everyday event, but it demonstrates that your business is more than just a money making venture. It shows you care about the people who work for you, which, in turn, makes your customers like you even more.

Get your employees involved.

You can’t be everywhere at once, and you certainly have better things to do than follow your employees around all day snapping pictures of them, so get them involved! If you’ve created a nurturing work environment, they’ll be happy to contribute. If you could convince one employee to take one picture each day of something happening around your business, your social media accounts would be infinitely more engaging than those of your competitors. Getting contributions from your employees will give your business the intimacy of a mom ‘n’ pop store that’s been around forever, no matter how large your organization is or how long you’ve been in business. 

You handle the juicy stuff, let us handle the rest.

You’re the only one that has access to the meaty, everyday information that engages your followers on an emotional level. Snapping a picture and writing a quick caption for your marketing team doesn’t take much time. However, logging in to your Facebook account, finding something clever to say, optimizing keywords and posting time, proofreading, sending, and reaching out through various other techniques does take time, if you want to do it right. So let someone else handle that part. All you have to do is send us pictures of something sweet that happened at work that day. We’ll spice it up and turn it into a post with a link that generates multiple leads.

And yes – your social accounts are effective channels that garner leads, build relationships, and grow your customer base. So next time your fifteen year old niece tells you that you should be more active on Facebook, don’t brush her off (she’ll probably rule the world one day!) Instead, give us a shout and we’ll work together to develop a strategy that speaks to your clients in an engaging way, resulting in more leads, repeat customers, and a business that is even more grounded in its community.