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Little Things to Do Today to Grow Your B2B for Tomorrow

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When considering strategies for growing your B2B business, it’s easy to overlook the small stuff. Those little things you keep putting off until next week, and then the week after, are vital to your business’ growth — and if you check them off your list today, they’ll provide a huge return tomorrow.   

Develop and cultivate relationships.

If you don't build and sustain solid relationships with clients, customers and the community, your business won’t grow. There are  a tremendous amount of ways a B2B business can build relationships. Whether you network through events, social media, tradeshows, or professional associations  it’s important to devote time each week to relationship building. You never know who’ll cross paths with and the effect they may have on you and your business could be tremendous.  

Revisit past content.

There’s no reason past blog posts, newsletters and social media posts you created last fall can’t be used again next week. It’s always good to revisit  past content to see how it can be repurposed for today. Old blog posts are always a good source to pull a juicy soundbite from from for social media. Quick words of wisdom or expertise can go a long way on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. And it shows off your expertise if you can draw a connection between a topic from the past and the latest innovations, trends and news happening in your industry now. Also, when you look back at past content, patterns may emerge to help you gauge what might be next for your industry.

But don’t rely on just repurposing what you’ve done in the past to carry you through the future. Look back on what you created in the past for inspiration. It can be a good springboard to help you create something new and original. You can see topic areas that are very successful for you or spot areas that you’ve accidentally been overlooking.

Devote time each day to generate new content based on your insights. Look for innovative ways beyond  blogging and social media to engage your clients. You could create  a game, a give-away, a niche newsletter or a new inbound marketing campaign.

Keep up your research via social media.

Early on you devoted quite a bit of time and resources to learn more about potential clients and your competitors. Once your research was complete you probably crossed it off and continued to move down your ever-growing list of things to do before your launch.

Research should always be on a company’s to-do list — it’s the one thing that should never be crossed off. Consider it an ongoing endeavor.

The more you grow and progress as a company, the more valuable research will be to you. And it’s not difficult. There are many ways to get ongoing data on clients and potential clients. With social media, you have an open window into to what’s on your clients’ minds, so take advantage of it. “Like” your clients’ Facebook pages and check them consistently. Follow them on Twitter. This way you’ll to get a sense of what’s important to your clients’ now  and what might be important to them in the future.

Additionally, take advantage of the social media search functions within Facebook and Twitter. Most businesses turn to Google when it comes to online research, but social media search functions can be even more worthwhile, especially when it comes to listening.

Keep moving.

This one is simple: When it comes to growth, becoming complacent is your worst enemy. Challenge yourself to try something new. It may feel like a little bit of a risk but you have to keep moving.


Posted on June 3, 2016 .