What are UTM Codes?

UTM Codes Green Gate

Urchin Tracking Module codes, better known as UTM codes or parameters, are simple pieces of code that are attached to the end of a URL. This code allows the user to track the source, medium, and campaign that drives traffic to the landing page associated with the URL. An example of a UTM code is highlighted in the URL below in bold:

http://blog.greengate-marketing.com/5-reasons-to-embrace-big-data?utm_campaign=blogpost &utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook

The added snippet of code is traditionally made up of three components:

  1. Campaign: Groups all of the content from one campaign in your analytics platform (product, promo code, or slogan).

  2. Source: Which site or platform referred the user to the page. (Facebook, Google, Newsletter4)

  3. Medium: Where the ad was placed (cpc, banner, email).

If you would like to be more specific, there are two additional components you can include:

  1. Campaign Term: Identifies the paid ad group or keywords associated.

  2. Campaign Content: Used to differentiate between ads within the same campaign.

Businesses that use UTM codes in URLs are better able to make informed decisions.  UTM’s allow them to:

  • Measure and show impact of specific marketing initiatives.

  • Track the same piece of content across multiple marketing platforms.

  • Better allocate budgets

  • Measure the effectiveness of guest posting.

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Posted on May 25, 2016 .