Green Gate was founded on the belief that small organizations can do great things

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Are you a small business trying to hold on to your roots while keeping up with the times? Or are you a nonprofit with barely enough hours in the day to meet with your staff, let alone create an email campaign promoting your latest fundraiser? Green Gate understands the needs and constraints of small businesses and was specifically created to serve their needs. 


Who we are

We are a team of business minded, people-focused, creative marketing strategists. We are small business advocates, and agents of social change. We believe big isn’t always better, and that empathy and emotional connection are the foundation of effective marketing. We love what we do and we’re passionate about the clients we work with.

What we do

Green Gate is a full-service marketing agency that prioritizes people and relationships. We partner with small businesses and nonprofits to develop integrated marketing strategies that bring people into the heart of a brand, whether that means they stay loyal to a family business or that they become more active in the community work of a nonprofit. 

How we do it

Our work is based on the belief that it’s the feeling we get from a brand that inspires us to take action. A brand can create a sense of belonging, ignite our passions and incite our outrage, spark our empathy, or make us laugh. It is out of this emotional connection that we build our strategy.

We start by getting to know exactly who we’re working with. We think that the people behind the brand are what make it special, so we invite our clients to be part the process so our work accurately conveys their messages. From there, we work together to decide what your brand needs, whether it’s a new website or a full partnership package.